Animal Energy Reading: Wolf

This week, the animal energy that has come forward to assist us is that of wolf. I laugh about this because the way wolf came forward was not through the usual method of me asking – and then receiving the image or feeling of that energy. Wolf actually popped up last night while I was watching one of my favorite TV shows “True Blood.” Yes, I watch True Blood and I really do love it (despite so much blood!). The werewolves showed up in this week’s episode!  But the energy that is assisting us is that of wolf, not werewolf (just to be clear!).

A wolf mother is beautiful to watch out in the wild. She is both protective of her young – but also spends much time training her cubs to be able to handle the real world on their own. It is this ability to walk the line between protection and tough love and the ability to let go when necessary that wolf energy is going to help us with. It may be time for you to stop protecting someone close to you – and trust that they can take care of themselves – in much the same way that a wolf mother must do. Let your friend, spouse, son or whomever discover and learn on his or her own now! Trust that the help you have already given was perfect and that now it’s time to allow that person to take their own steps.

Be there for support – but don’t do it for them. Remember: the wolf mother trains in order to let go!

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    This is perfect! My 18 yr old daughter just graduated a few weeks ago and will be going off to college in about 6 weeks. She’s been sick with a cold and I think I may have been mothering her a little too much….time to back off! Thanks!


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