Animal Energy Reading: Starfish

This week, it is Starfish energy that is here to assist us. As you all know, the past four weeks or so could be energetically characterized as awkward, wonky or just plain hinky. In fact, on Facebook lately we have all had quite a few conversations about this – and pretty much everyone has voiced that it will be a wonderful thing when the awkward energy subsides in order to allow the new energy in.

Well, that time is now – kind of. Starfish energy is really good at helping you feed your determination to get through something – and in doing so, helps to ensure that that thing that you are doing is bigger or better than you ever imagined. The new energies are not quite here yet – we’re still on the tail end of the old – however, starfish is going to help us get from one to the other, successfully. Starfish is the bridge between the two that you didn’t know existed until now!

Be sure to comment (below) on how this energy is touching you!

Love & Light,


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