Animal Energy Reading: Alligator

Yesterday, I received a link to an article from a friend. He had been canoeing in the Charles River (in Boston, MA) and he had discovered an alligator. In Boston, MA! (Read the article here.) When I connected to the situation, I realized that alligator was stepping forward to assist us this week in our travels…

Alligator energy is typically associated with birth and death – a cycle of regeneration. This has been very helpful to many people for centuries! However, this week alligator is doing things a little differently by assisting people in developing the deepest type of integrity.

Alligators are successful predators because they are masters of their emotion – both internally and externally. Alligators lay in wait – allowing their prey to swim up to them or walk by them – and when their prey is close enough they pounce. They would not be able to accomplish this if they were only “calm” on the outside. Their prey would surely sense their anxiety or their impatience or their fear… therefore, alligators have had to become a master within.

Many people believe that if they project “calm” on the outside when they feel nervous within or if they act like they are OK with something they are not – that that makes them a good person. For example, let’s look at a woman who’s boyfriend says he wants to go out on Friday night drinking with the guys – and not wanting to appear “jealous” the woman agrees to this plan-even though she truly feels uncomfortable about it. This woman is actually being disrespectful to both herself and her boyfriend by not honoring what her true feelings are. Alligator energy helps people like this feel more comfortable expressing what is REALLY going on within them – and when the inside and the outside match, people feel better about themselves, situations go more smoothly in the long run, and everyone feels happier.

Oh! and don’t make the mistake of thinking you can morph your inside to match your outside – it doesn’t work! Look at what you are REALLY feeling and then figure out why (good time to call on Alligator energy). Once you know the why, you’ll find it’s much easier to deal with and you’ll feel better about expressing it!

Remember – match your outside to your inside. Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself!

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  1. Trenda
    Trenda says:

    “Match your outside to your inside.”

    Thank you, Danielle! After a horrifying and humiliating panic attack this weekend, I so needed to hear the Alligator’s message. If I had been honest with my family about having reached my limits (I’m an empath, and I have panic disorder), then I would not have pushed myself too far and thus fallen to pieces several hours from home.

    Such a wonderful message! Thank you again!

    Bright Blessings,



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