Animal Energy Reading: Dragonfly

Here in New England it’s the height of summer and our garden is bursting with tomatoes and various versions of very hot peppers. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I planted the crop this year (only my husband loves spicy food – my son and I are mild to medium people) but we have an abundance of hotness going on. On the flip side, my dogs absolutely LOVE our tomatoes* so I have been spending quite a bit of time running outside to the garden to shoo the dogs away. They have figured out that if they gently nudge the fruit with their nose – the ripe and juicy ones will fall to the ground. Alas, the chipmunks have also figured this out! In addition to the dogs, the chipmunks and even the squirrels (we saw one running along the fence to the pool the other day with a beautiful ripe tomato in his mouth)- we have another being who is enjoying the garden: Dragonfly!

Dragonfly energy assists people in bringing their long-buried stuff (soul-level DEEP stuff) to the surface AND in understanding it. While it sounds easy – it often isn’t. However, this week, you can rely on dragonfly energy as you dig down to really figure out the “why” behind some of your behaviors (why do you always choose the same type of guy? Why do you always get a saving of $1000 together and then an emergency occurs? Why does your mother always get sick when you are about to go on vacation?) When you understand the “why’s” – working with (and releasing) the things that are holding you back is much easier!

So, call on that dragonfly energy today and start investigating those “why’s” – while it’s not always easy, it is some of the most life-changing work you can do!

And please – fill us in on your “why’s” – what did you learn from dragonfly this week?!

In Love & Light,


*Beware: tomato plants are poisonous to dogs! Do not allow your dog to eat the plant!

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