Animal Energy Reading: Chickadee

Last night, while I slept – I dreamed that it was very stuffy in my bedroom. I “woke up” to open the window and when I did, a baby chickadee fell out – into the palm of my hand. She was so sweet! I felt protective of her soft feathers – still a bit fuzzy – and she was smaller than what I would have imagined a young chickadee to be. I brought my hand close to my face and looked her in the eye – she told me that she wanted to assist people this week in helping them understand what they are supposed to know at this time. And then I woke up knowing who we were going to work with this week!

Most of you reading this are, in one way or another, aware and working to connect with your higher self or your spiritual guides or with god (or whatever words you want to use). Unfortunately, most of you are also doubting the connection or unsure that you are interpreting what you think you might be getting correctly. Here’s where chickadee comes in: she wants to help you detect and decipher the messages!

You can ask chickadee to do this in a million different ways. You can just take a moment now and say to her “Chickadee, please help me understand what my guides want me to know now…” You could ask chickadee to give you signs throughout the week. You could have a written conversation with chickadee energy… or you could make up your own way of connecting with this powerful animal energy.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which method you use – as long as you feel it is helpful to you. So, give it a try – and please let us all know how it works out for you! Write your comments here!

In Love & Light,


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  1. elena
    elena says:

    hello danielle, i was just thinking of you!! because…..a collared dove just came in :O
    i was in the living room and i saw her flying in, entered from the front door i had left open, and then she flew in my bedroom and, since there the windows were closed, she went in the office, where she found a mosquito screen on the window and then couldn’t flew out either. i sent her peaceful thoughts, to let her feel there was no reason to worry, and so i managed to open that screen. would you think she immediately escaped? i thought so, but she stayed there on the window sill for some other minute. i guess also for recatching breath! i let her stay there, and went in another room, checking now and then and in the meanwhile wondering abt that so unusual event. a couple of them have a nest up on my terrace, on the awning, but this one was a young one, not one of them.. and also: it never happened before! it made me think of you too and animal communication, and then seeing your new post for the week just when i went back to the computer was very nice 🙂
    i asked the chickadee, and i feel confirmed what i was already thinking abt the dove: she brought in a message abt love.
    sending much to you along with my wishes for an inspiring new week!
    thank you,

  2. Cindie
    Cindie says:

    What a wonderful message for this week just one more reminder how spirit is all around us helping us work to reach our highest potential….Have a great week sweetie…

  3. Jen
    Jen says:

    Hi Danielle
    This couldnt have come at a better time!
    I had my first reading with you last week and you so graciously introduced me to two out of three of my guides. I have been doing as you suggested, trying daily to communicate with them, but I cant help but feel that it is still all in my head! I want desperately to connect, to feel,to trust that it is infact “them” and not just “me”… but it just seems that I am forcing so much it isn’t real. I am finding that I am irritable and cranky! Yuck! I’ll beg Chickadee to lend some clarity, lol. Thanks for the post 🙂

    Namaste and blessings

  4. Shamsi
    Shamsi says:

    This was a profound reading for me this week… even as I opened your page to read this, I had just put my pen down from writing down “everything that I ‘do’.” That is to say, I am in the process of completely pulling up roots from my immediate past and re-focusing my talents and work. So, Chickadee’s arrival has just thrilled me beyond words.

    Thanks for these posts!


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