Animal Energy Reading: Mouse

There is no question that this week mouse energy is here to help. Personally, I love mouse energy because I LOVE details and mice remind us to consider the details in our life.

Now the details that mice help us with could be something as obvious as – you are fixing reinstalling Windows on your computer and you must remember to get EVERY file (including your bookmarks) off your old computer before wiping it clean OR the details could be something much less tangible such as your daughter has a cold – and you are supposed to be more diligent about washing your hands or perhaps you always drive 78, but for now, it’s a good idea to take it down to the actual speedlimit…

Details, you see, are everywhere – it just depends on what you consider them to be. Call on mouse energy for assistance figuring out which details you have to give more weight to. These will not be “downer” details but “oh! I’m so glad I am taking care of this so thoroughly!” details.

Have fun – and please remember to write your experiences with mice here so others can learn from them as well!

In Love & Light,


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