Animal Energy Reading: Dog

As many of you know, one of my dogs has been having some major health issues – so it shouldn’t be any surprise that this week’s animal is that of Dog. Dog energy most often helps people to take control of their lives and believe in themselves – however, this week that isn’t how Dog energy will be touching us. Instead, for the next seven days, Dog energy is going to assist you in maintaining your boundaries.

Most people struggle in one way or another with boundaries. Perhaps you always agree to do what your best friend wants to do-even though you aren’t really interested – or maybe you have been talking your sister through her break up – to the tune of 5 hours per day on the phone. Maybe you are spending 70 hours at work and only getting paid for 40? Or maybe, your dog runs your life, peeing and pooping wherever she would like, barking and biting others who don’t adhere to her way of being…

Thankfully, this week’s Dog energy will effect balance in giving and receiving, listening and doing, taking care of yourself and more! Call on this powerful energy to help you maintain your sense of self and of what is really for the greatest and highest good of all – rather than what is good in the short term. Have fun working with Dog energy!

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  1. Patty D.
    Patty D. says:

    This week I am already being shown where I need work on my boundaries (or lack thereof)! Leave it to Dog to show us the way. My boundaries are sorely needing work, and my new puppy needs foot reconstruction surgery and potty training! But it’s all good, really!

  2. Sonya
    Sonya says:

    Ohh, this is EXACTLY what I need this week – I am going through a HUGE lack of boundaries in so many areas, and I have gotten to the point I forget who I WAS and who I AM. . ..I am going to call upon dog’s wonderful energy this week and try to get myself back to having at least some time to breathe and remember the things I love. . .I have wanted a dog for two years now, and my hubby is hedging me on it – but I know when the -perfect pup shows up, I will know. . .thanks so much Danielle for your special gift!

  3. Jude Dickinson
    Jude Dickinson says:

    Yes I totally agree….I am having trouble with friendships at the moment and where the boundaries lie. By using Dog energy will definately help to ground me to where I stand with them and set a few rules and to know where the loyalty lies. So thank you Danielle for raising my awareness through man’s best friend. Blessings


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