Animal Energy Reading: Owl

This week we’re going to work with Owl energy – in the traditional sense. You’ve all heard me talk about Soul Contracts and how they are the “why” behind the challenges in your relationships with other people and with other animals – well Owl energy can assist you in understanding the Soul Contracts that are currently active. I feel like I want to clarify how this works in “real life” so I will use the example of one of my clients (but know that the names and telling details have been changed to ensure anonymity).

Earlier this week, Sarah came to me because she was upset that her Newfoundland dog had jumped up on her bed and peed… again. I asked her if I could connect with her Newfie (who we will call Brazilia for the purposes of this story) and she said yes. When I asked Brazilia why she had peed, again, on Sarah’s bed, she said “well, if she doesn’t respect herself and her things, then why should I?”  When I asked Sarah about this, she told me that she had been working really hard to go easier on herself and to realize those places where she wasn’t being kind to herself.

As Sarah told me about this, Brazilia sent me an image of Macy’s (yes, in the mall). I said to Sarah “what’s up with this? Why am I being shown a picture of Macy’s? What does that mean to you?”

“Nothing…” quipped Sarah.

“Really? Is there even a Macy’s anywhere near you?” I was baffled as to why a dog would show me an image of a store in a strip mall.

“Yes, there is. Actually, my daughter just applied for a job there. They are hiring.”

Ah ha! I wanted to yell – ok maybe I did yell. “Sarah, haven’t we been talking about you taking care of yourself? And don’t you dislike your current job as a cashier? Why didn’t you apply?”

“I didn’t think they would hire a daughter and a mother and she’s looking for a job.”

Ok-the long and short is this: Brazilia wanted Sarah to notice this place where she had erroneously slipped back into over-giving to her friends and family – and was using the peeing on the bed as a message that she had something to say about that balance. After I explained this, Sarah agreed that she would apply to work at Macy’s that evening – and that she would continue to look for those places where she didn’t realize she was putting the needs of everyone else before her own.

So, why did I just tell you this big, long story when we are supposed to be talking about Owl energy? Well, you don’t ALWAYS want to have to hire someone like to me to help you figure out what’s going on in your life! Owl energy helps you sit back and look at the “why’s” (even though owl says “who” all the time) and come to the conclusions on your own!

If you are feeling tension in any area of your life, call on Owl to help you sit back and start asking the “why’s” and the “who’s”. If Sarah had said to herself “why am I not applying for this job that I would like” – if she’d just been in that “why” mode, she would have been able to understand what was going on with her much more easily (and she probably would have saved herself having to do some laundry). Think Owl this week!

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