A Pet Psychic Answers “Can Different Species Understand Each Other?”

Question: Can animals of different species understand what each other are ‘saying’? My dog listens to other animals (cats, mice) and seems to know…  ~Linda Marquis

From Danielle: This is a wonderful question and one that I am asked all of the time. Animals speak with each other using the universal language of all species: love. This is how humans (like me-and most likely anyone reading this column) are able to tap into animals and understand what they are saying (even though they speak dog or cat or fish) and this is also how animals of all types, species and sizes are able to understand each other at the very deepest level.

This “question” first came up when I was working with a dog in Canada whose humans spoke mostly French. His humans were concerned that their dog would not be able to communicate with me because he was French and I was American. As it turned out – since we were connected way beyond any country borders – everything came through just beautifully!

Communication, although we humans often view it as a very physical activity, is really just another form of energy exchange. To that end, when your dog speaks in his own language to a mouse – the mouse doesn’t hear “woof, woof, bark” the mouse hears everything in a beautifully understandable translation from dog into mouse language (with a bit of love in between).

So, be sure to pay attention to every idea, thought, emotion and action you take while around your animals – they really are going to “get” it – even if you try to keep it from them!

In Love & Light,


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2 replies
  1. Sally
    Sally says:

    I asked an animal communicator to ask my cat if she could understand what other animals were saying. She said yes, she supposed so, but she didn’t know why she would want to! : )

  2. Phyllis Wedding
    Phyllis Wedding says:

    Thank you soooo much, Danielle, for helping me understand what was happening with my dear (departed) heart dog, Sumi. She was a white, deaf, Harlequin Dane, who I learned to talk to in my mind (actually, she taught me !) Now I’m understanding that it wasn’t the specific thought forms that I was using that got through to her, it was the love I held for her in my heart that we were swimming in together, in that ‘oneness’ place, so that when I was ‘trying’ to communicate, there was a wave that she understood completely.
    It really could have been effortless …


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