5 Quick Tips

to start talking with animals

Have you wanted to try animal communication, but didn’t know where to start? I’m sharing  five easy tips to get you started intuitively talking with animals. Set the best foundation to make psychic connection to animals within your reach!

No Experience Necessary
You can do it
You just need the steps…

In my two decades as an animal communicator, I’ve successfully taught thousands of people how to talk to animals. (And most of these people had no prior psychic experience!) Animals make it easy because they communicate with each other psychically all the time. Learning how to intuitively connect with them is simply learning how to tap in to the messages they are already sending us.

My 5 Quick Tips to Start Talking to Animals worksheet will help you set the stage for your animal connection. Whether you want to talk to pets, wild animals, or animals on the other side, these 5 tips will help you get there. They really are the first steps to a clear, loving, awesome psychic connection with animals.

Meet Danielle

Working professionally as an animal communicator for two decades, I founded the Danielle MacKinnon School in 2009.  When I added online courses to the school in 2014 things really took off! I’ve now taught thousands of students from over 60 countries in addition to working regularly at globally recognized institutions including The Omega Institute and The Kripalu Center.

The simple connection method that I’ve created, called Soul Level Animal Communication®, has been revolutionary in my school. It helps people talk to animals intuitively, not only to learn what message the animal has about their own life, but also to learn what message the animal has for their humans. True healing for animals and humans happens when you start talking to animals using my method!


Start talking with animals today – Download Danielle’s 5 Tips Now!

“Thank you for starting your animal communication journey! You are only a few clicks away from embarking on a more fulfilling, fun, and meaningful relationship with the loving animals in your life!”