YES! Even YOU Can Learn Animal Communication!

This 5-Day workshop is an INTIMATE experience with Danielle

Kripalu Center, Massachusetts

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{ Why learn Animal Communication LIVE with Danielle? }

  • Learn live with your peers
  • Get support from Danielle during live exercises
  • Immersing yourself in animal communication for 5 days straight can result in intuitive opening greater than you’ve ever imagined!
  • Get immediate answers to your questions
  • Get support from your Teaching Assistants
  • PLUS, no previous animal communication experience is required. You’re ready to begin just the way you are!

What is Soul Level Animal Communication® Anyway?

Did you know that you have the ability to connect with animals on a level that is beyond the physicality of playing catch with your dog or snuggling with your cat? Animals are here to serve as teachers, messengers, leaders, and spiritual gurus. They are in YOUR life because they have chosen you on a soul level, to teach you how to be a better human and help evolve your soul to a level of pure love. Soul Level Animal Communication® shows you how to tap right into this!

Animal communication

That’s where I come in!!

Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon

This 5-day course is a unique opportunity to learn animal communication 101, as I’m using my more than nineteen years of experience as an animal communicator to give YOU the tools and know-how to tap into a Divine aspect of your Self – to access and develop your ability to intuitively connect with animals. I only teach this course live ONCE PER YEAR so this is your chance!