I’m Coming Clean: My Fear of Success

I’ve been avoiding talking about this for a long time. And I realize I have to stop.

One of the things about doing this work I do is that it’s a little hard to get it out there. Probably not in the way that you think though.

shutterstock_285999716I’ve long ago made peace with the fact that when I tell people what I do for work, there is a good chance they are going to look at me like I’m nuts. And I’m OK with that.

I’ve grown used to some people wanting to immediately give me a big hug and ask me tons of questions about themselves or their animals – while other people’s eyes will grow wide and they’ll take a step back from me.

While I know a lot of people still struggle with this part for themselves, I’ve truly made my peace with the fact that some people don’t “get” what I do with my life.

But I am not at all comfortable with telling people how good I am at my work!

And I definitely feel weird talking about the really positive experiences my clients and students and animals have had from working with me.

It feels so… I don’t know. It really makes me feel vulnerable to say, “Hey, look at this person! I helped them there!” or “Wow, from taking my class, check out this person’s growth and success!” or “Woohoo! Check out this dog and his human now!”

There are so many people in the world who are exceptional at letting others know about their successes… but to me it just feels so scary!

So, I’m coming clean with my fear. I mean, sharing how well things are going is a pretty normal thing to do in a business right?

And yet, I’ve studiously avoided talking about the results of my clients for years – all because of my own fears!

I worry that someone will come back and say, “Well, that’s not THAT great, you know…” or “Anyone can do that!” or an even baser fear: “You suck!”

woman coming outAnd yet, I know I’ve helped many, many people live better lives than they thought possible; I shown hundreds (actually thousands) that animal communication is something that anyone can do; I’ve assisted people in achieving more than they ever believed they were capable of…

But through all of that, because I didn’t want to feel unsafe, I have avoided letting you all know how great it is really going! My fear of success was getting the best of me!

So, I’ve decided to include here a few of the testimonials that people have written in. Until now, a lot of these have been private moments for me.

In the past, I’ll read a new testimonial and say to myself, “That’s so cool!” and then file it away for “future use” but it’s definitely time I break out of my comfort zone and start sharing all of this!

Here’s a little bit of what people have been experiencing that I’ve kept “behind the scenes” with my school, with my fun retreats, with sessions and more. It’s so foreign to me to be putting this out here like this, but here goes! (And I hope it gets you all jazzed up to join me in Bimini in August to swim with the dolphins or at the Omega Institute in July to learn animal communication – or on the world’s largest cruise ship this October to just PLAY with me!)


Danielle is a wonderful teacher. She is so upbeat, pleasant, and animated. She is very informative and so patient. You can feel her deep connection to animals. You even feel your connection to animals deepening when you interact with her. All the animal love energy permeates every cell in her body! ~ Jacqueline Stephens

Danielle MacKinnon’s School of Animal Communication is not just about learning a skill and practicing it professionally. It is about witnessing, feeling, and touching the unconditional love of animals toward people. Being able to connect with an animal at the soul level through Danielle’s technique is such a gift. Thank you Danielle for your commitment to people and animals. ~ Charlotte Safos

Personal growth and development requires the ability to settle deep into ones self. Danielle’s techniques are easy, and provide a comfortable access to that inner potentiality. ~Chris Cummings

THANK YOU, Danielle, for offering your Soul Level Animal Communication® class and teaching me how to be comfortable and confident in starting my new Animal Communication business. Learning how to manage my energy has given me gifts way beyond talking to the animals. Managing my energy has impacted my daily life in how I view the day. I now react to negative situations with more peace and calmness than I ever did before taking your class. I approach new experiences with more confidence and curiosity since taking your SLAC class. Another unseen benefit I have noticed is the many gifts and miracles that have appeared in my life since taking your class and managing my energy. An example is a lady giving a gift of a Porcelain China doll to another person and at the last moment changing and handing it to me. WOW!! where did that come from? That’s when I realized it was the change in managing my energy. This class offered me way more than talking to the animals. Once again,Thank You, Danielle for offering this amazing SLAC class.~ Anita Unrau

As an intuitive-medium, Danielle has been an amazing mentor to me over the years. So, when she launched her SLAC classes, I jumped at the opportunity to practice and sharpen my psychic faculties, while benefiting from the incredible patience, support and unconditional love of the animal kingdom. In Danielle’s beginner SLAC class, she gives you the tools to manage your energy, along with different techniques to make and sustain a connection with the animals. ~Cristie Kephart

“If you are looking to expand your animal communication skills to the next level, this course is for you!  Danielle is an amazing teacher.  With her guidance, I learned to really trust my intuition, move far deeper into my animal communication skills than I thought possible and have a lot of fun along the way!  In addition, the skills you learn are not only relevant to animal communication but also applicable to daily life.  Thanks to Danielle’s energy management training, I am able to navigate the bumps and hurdles of my corporate job with a calmness, ease and certainty that did not exist prior to working with Danielle.  My life is forever changed for the better.  Danielle is the best!” Thank you, thank you, thank you, Danielle!! 🙂 ~Melanie Reynolds

I experienced such a profound transformation in my life as a result of this course that it is difficult for mere words to do it justice. But I will do my best.   I began my SCCA journey holding a core belief that I somehow had to “prove” my worth in order to be loved — pleasing others, giving too much, caretaking. With Danielle’s loving and gentle guidance, I began to see my horse as my teacher, and through exploring my relationship with him I was able to shift my own beliefs about myself.  I now have come to know that I am worthy and lovable, and that loving and being with someone is enough. My horse, who was extremely nervous and spooky, has gained a confidence and ease that I didn’t think possible.  He is calm and definitely more grounded, especially when being ridden, it has been such a joy to watch him expand into such a comfortable state of being. ~Elizabeth Wallace

“Danielle is a phenomenal teacher and coach who loves to empower her clients. I highly recommend her classes, teleseminars and coaching sessions. She has an amazing ability to identify and help with what you need to work on to reach your goals. Thank you, Danielle!” ~Laura Flinn

“I purchased Danielle’s package. It’s an amazing package. I received my guide’s names while I was listening to Get to Know Your Guides. I’ve used all the Mp3s many times since I got it!” ~ Sharon Slynn

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  1. Willa
    Willa says:

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  2. Cheryl G Roberts
    Cheryl G Roberts says:

    Danielle told me that my rambunctious over-energized Cocker Spaniel wanted to be with me even though he knows I have a disability and can’t run with him. Since then, my neighbors come and walk him. He has taught everyone who stops at my house to go outside and throw the ball for him. He brings me so much joy. I’m so glad I didn’t re-home him because I thought he’d be happier in a more active environment. Prince Charming and I thank you, Danielle!

  3. Safena
    Safena says:

    I resonate with Elizabeth’s post about having to prove myself. I am missing that intrinsic value piece. Well I know it’s here somewhere. What would be the best method for developing or remembering my worth. Is it thru animal communication? My dog does show anxiety at specific times. I have read your book which was amazing. Is there something more for me to learn deeper and for a profound transformation. I love Danielle the great work you do song the message you send out in this world. You are an agent for love.


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