Animal Communication Night School 9/1

Animal Communication Night SchoolI run my business pretty intuitively and this change is one of those “hits” that almost knocked me over. I was sitting at my desk one day, talking on the phone to a friend and I found myself saying out loud this idea… I even blurted out the name in the conversation – having never consciously thought about it before!

So, this is my official announcement for:  Soul Level Animal Communication® Night School!

Night School is the WAY upgraded version of my Home Study program that focuses on support, support, support!

Like the Home Study course, Night School gives you pre-recorded videos (one per week in your inbox for 6 weeks) so you can watch and learn any time of day – BUT with this expanded focus on support, you also get:

  • An official start date (September 1, 2017) so all the Night School students move at the same pace
  • A 24/7 accessible Facebook support group full of like-minded peeps all working at the same pace as you
  • Live assistance from my Certified Practitioners in your Facebook group to answer any and all of your questions as you move through the material
  • Two live Q&A webinars with me and the rest of the group (after class 3 and class 6!)
  • One Animal Communication Lab where you can watch students of all levels (from beginner to expert) do reading with my guidance (or perhaps get asked to try one yourself!)
  • Full Level 1 Course completion in the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication

Important note: now that people can watch the videos whenever they want but still receive tons of help from me, their community, and my practitioners, I expect this class to fill up very quickly. Unfortunately, I will have to close enrollment if that happens.

Learn all about Night School here

On one last little cool thing (I wonder how many of you will catch this?) I’ve set it up so that you can take this course and then the Level 2 course starts a few weeks after this ends… so you can continue on if you’d like!

Ok, have fun with this – and I hope to see you for this September class!

Love & Light,


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