I almost walked away but decided not to!

by Danielle MacKinnon

When I got out of grad school (when cell phones were not even really a thing yet!), I was pretty pumped. I was working for a telecom company, I had incredible stock options, I was moving up the corporate ladder, and I had a good, steady income at a hot up-and-coming start tech start up. I also had a great house, two awesome dogs, a loving husband – and we were (just a little bit) talking about starting a family.

On paper, I was successful. To family and friends, I had “made” it and it was clear that everyone believed I would continue on that track until I was at the top, running the show – probably even running my own tech company.

But on the inside, I wasn’t happy. I hated office politics, promotions not happening at the pace I wanted… extreme pressure and expectations from people who had no idea what it was taking for me to achieve what I was achieving… and much, much more…

On the inside, I was dying. I hadn’t realized it yet, but I on track to shrivel away by achieving the american dream.

I remember one of the last events I participated in at that job was planning the corporate retreat, which had Matrix theme (yes, just by that you can see I’m dating myself here!). It was fun to make sure all the details were in place – like the food was delivered properly, the “spy” trinkets were all working, and the employees found their rooms.

But when the event was finally in full swing, it felt like something was missing. Yes, the guests were happy. Yes, the higher-ups were pleased. Yes, we avoided all major mishaps… but it was off. Something was wrong.

I had no idea that, just a few days later, my dog almost dying through a mystery ailment would be the catalyst to me throwing off the “looks good on paper” life and instead running toward the heart-pounding, love-producing, passion-filled life I’m living now.

My passion had always been animals – and in looking to heal my dog those 17 years ago – I walked right in to something that would feed by soul – as well as scare me to death: my heart’s desire. And eventually, I did follow that desire – despite the misgiving and incredulity of my closest friends and family. I had to ignore a LOT of naysayers to follow my heart…

And I’m seeing this a lot lately. MANY people are being presented with seemingly crazy options: continue doing the thing that brings in the money, keeps them safe, looks good and solid to the outside world – or take the incredible risk and start stepping into the thing that feeds their soul.

As an intuitive for many of these people, I’m finding myself in the challenging place of saying, “I know XYZ is bringing in the money, but ABC is what makes you’re heart sing. It’s time NOW to start bringing more of that ABC into your life!”

We all have that thing that makes us feel that way! We all have that “Oh, if only I could do this all the time!” or “Oh! I want more of this in my life!” stuff that we would surround ourselves with if we weren’t so worried, scared, unsure… If we didn’t need to earn a certain dollar amount to keep things feeling the way they are “supposed” to feel.

In the end (it took about six years mind you), I finally chose to step full time into that passion work with animals – and you’re now seeing the results of it. I didn’t do it immediately – I hemmed and hawed and really caused myself a lot of extra challenge by not just jumping in full force… but when I finally took the leap of faith it paid off for me – as you can see here (I don’t think you’d be reading this email if I hadn’t finally leaped!). I’m a happy camper with my work!

Perhaps you could consider the fact that you opened this email and read all the way through to be a sign – a sign that maybe it’s time to delve more deeply into that thing that you love so much, despite what those around you have to say!

The universe always protects you when you fully follow your heart. What does your heart what you to do? Share below!

Love & Light,



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  1. Safena
    Safena says:

    I feel like I’m waiting for that “scary heart knowing” moment. I know it didn’t happen for you because you were waiting for it. It was your destiny and you understood that and moved fwd in that direction. I’m a bit all over the map. I know it will all culminate in one direction because I’ve been listening to the Universe experienced miracles but it’s not clear yet. I would be jumping into a complete unknown. I need some direction. Thanks again for another great topic.

  2. SherryZ
    SherryZ says:

    Hi Danielle and all…I’m catching up on your emails as I’ve been away for 7+ days. Many years ago I made the decision to do what made me happy and be sure that it made money too—or that money came in from someplace and was enough. I have re-made that decision many more times, especially as I got off course, driven or doing things I hated or stressed me out too much. A key change point was years ago when my mom died and I decided “If it isn’t fun, I’m not doing it”. That has lasted and comes back to me when things are not “fun”/ en-joy-able. During these 7 days, I had time to review what was not working and came home peaceful and ready to make some changes…again. For me, it’s an ongoing process! It also involves supporting my husband in doing the same….after all, we live together and our energies impact each other! I recently took the steps of being involved in your Be Open FB community and your SLAC class….what’s there impacts all of my life and brings balance with energy management. So thanks.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. Also flourished on paper, but was far too sensitive to be thriving at my tech-based corporate gig. I left several years ago, but it has only been recently that I have discovered my new path. It has been my dog, too, who was instrumental in this. As animal nuts, it just makes perfect sense that the universe would use animals to get our attention. I’m super excited to see where this magical new journey leads 🙂

  4. Donna O.
    Donna O. says:

    My heart wants me to be barefoot & tanned, walking a beach. I’m 60 & planning to retire next Dec 31. Since I am single, it’s a bit scary wondering where I should go, what I should do each day, & who can I talk to so I’m not a hermit? I’m thinking of renting a house in the FL Keys for a month & driving down w my dogs. I’m also thinking of helping some dog transport organizations.

  5. Lara Watson
    Lara Watson says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Danielle. I’m 40 years old and don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I have a side business silkscreening t shirts and would love to make it my career but I don’t really know how. I don;t have the money to open a store and I’m at a point in my relationship where I’m not feeling fulfilled. I have no idea what to do so I keep going through the motions of life. How do you know when it’s time to act? How do you know where to go or what to do? I’m scared of making the wrong choice so I do nothing. It’s not a fun place to be.
    Thanks for all of your insight and emails!

  6. JoAnn L.
    JoAnn L. says:

    well my heart is with animals especially cats and especially the babies of all the animals but as usual I don’t move forward.I have asked God to please guide me to where I need to be and I know He tries,but there is a part of me that feels I will never be successful.I feel I understand animals and their emotions but feel they don’t understand me,or maybe its me that does not understand me and I will be turning 71 in a few months and Im still clueless.Anyway,thank you for your daily emails,I do enjoy them very much

  7. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    Thank you! Perfect timing…again. I’m creating space and getting a mentor to finally work as a medium. One foot in corporate as a device clinical trials liaison, and the other, hanging out with your beloved dead peeps. Life is SO bizarre! And Lovely. Appreciate the encouragement.

  8. Janet
    Janet says:

    Well something is going on with me but as usual I feel clueless. Lots of herbal stuff, nourishing foods stuff and the online video course of Soul Animal Communications which I am only fair at, but it’s only the 4th week. The energy exercises are getting better so I feel more empowered and closer to God than before. I would love to find out what my Soul has next for me and especially love to see it all in a bigger picture, but I don’t. A couple of years ago was looking into animal communications but my ego told me that I was a loser and like everything else I did, I didn’t follow thru. Yet I am at a meager paying job which barely pays my way and my daughter ( I’m ashamed to take it from her) gives me several hundred a month to get us by. So in the long run I’m looking forward to fruition and not tons of money but enuf to make my life comfortable and definitely helping others/animals as well. I found that even having the ego butt in (yes butt not but), the call to connect came thru Spirit, so that is why I did it. It was unprovoked prompting. I would love any help/guidance possible.

  9. Julie U.
    Julie U. says:

    AMEN amen amen. Thank you for writing about this! And thank you for encouraging me to take the leap. Since “leaping” last December, I am realizing more and more each day how doing what I love and spending time on myself and on my connection to animals has brought profound meaning into my life. Literally, it’s making the magic happen. And I can now see more clearly how my past corporate life was not a fit and so not healthy for me. There are still moments of fear and panic, but I’m learning how to deal with them. Here’s to following our hearts and creating our own paths, no matter how weird they may seem to those around us. (If we go deep, we find all the support we need.) 🙂 🙂

  10. Pamela Templeton
    Pamela Templeton says:

    Hi Danielle,
    Something to do within the realms of nature, animals and energy work.
    Will be learning Reiki energy soon and see what arises. After a lifelong career in healthcare which I loved, I’m focusing on my inner work and spiritual life.. It’s never to late, at 61!
    Love what you share with us here.
    Pam 💓


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