Animal Communication Course Catalogue

Ready to Learn

what your pet really thinks and feels?

Animal Communication Course Catalogue

Animal Communication Course Catalogue

Ready to Learn

what your pet really thinks and feels?

Animal Communication Course Catalogue

Learn my trusted, easy-to-use techniques to
communicate with your pet

Choose YOUR Path to Learn Animal Communication!

Beginning Animal Communication Courses
Professional Animal Communication Courses
Certified Practitioner Courses
Instant Access Animal Communication Classes
Beginning Animal Communication Courses

Beginning Animal Communication Path

The Beginning Animal Communication path is for people who are interested in learning animal communication so they can play with the animals of their friends and family, here and on the Other Side, intuitively. Take the first course or keep playing and take all of them! Need more info? Read Everything You Need to Know About Animal Communication

Professional Animal Communication Courses

Professional Animal Communication Path

For those who want to create a business in Soul Level Animal Communication® and join my Certified Practitioner Program membership. Learn more about the Certification Program here: Certified Practitioner Program.

Certified Practitioner Courses

You must be certified as a Soul Level Animal Communicator® or Soul Level Intuitive Coach® to take part in these advanced courses.

Instant Access Animal Communication Classes

More Ways to Know Your Pet

The Danielle MacKinnon School has everything you’re looking for to develop your intuition – with animals or your Guides. From two hour-webinars to Graduate-level intuition courses to a community of dedicated sensitives!


The BIG benefits when you learn animal communication!

  • You Feel closer to the animal (or animals) in your life! Those that are here and those that have crossed over.
  • Power! You gain a sense of power when you know that you can simply ask your pet why she doesn’t like the postal carrier.
  • Increased sensitivity, but in a good way! Including knowing how to turn it on and off
  • You awaken parts of yourself that have long been dormant (but are still there!)
  • Connection. You start cluing in to the greater connection we have with all living beings.
  • You can check in with your pet before going to the vet or riding in the car (or whatever the challenge may be!)
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My Animal Communication Online Courses
Have Everything You Need

Tried and true groundbreaking methods

I’ve been teaching Animal Communication for two decades and I love it! I’m constantly updating and upgrading my courses based on what gives my students the best experience. When you choose any of my animal communication online courses, you can be sure you’re learning best possible version of the Soul Level Method® I teach!

The deepest connections through Soul Level Animal Communication®

My Soul Level Animal Communication® method, taught to me by the animals, connects you right to the soul of the animal. And what happens there? You discover their purpose! (Learn all about this through my Animal Lessons book now).

The best access to community

It can feel scary to try learning something new as an adult. We don’t usually do that! Through my courses, you either have access to my Teaching Assistants and me, or access to other students, or access to the entire Be Open community, depending on what options you choose. You never have to feel alone learning animal communication!


Learn From the Experience of Past Students!

Amazing Experience!

I am so glad I followed my intuition and signed up for this class! I learned so much not only about animals but about myself. Danielle’s down to earth teaching style was easy to understand and follow, and the content was so inspiring! I loved it every time I worked with a partner, and each of us presented information that could be verified. That was the most awesome feeling! Highly recommend!

Alicia Ann

I surprised myself!

In this course I learned how to be patient and trust the information I am getting from the animal. I was surprised by how much material I learned in such a short amount of time. I loved it when I would go into homework sessions being nervous, and come out surprising myself by knowing that I can do this.

Anne Merrill

I got confirmation of my pet’s soul lesson with me!

In SLAC 101 I learned that one soul is never more than a thought away from another. What surprised me about this class was how you can connect psychically to animal with so little information whether alive or passed. I loved it when my fellow classmates connected with my own pet giving me valuable information and confirming my pet’s soul lesson with me.

Claire Rowe

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