Five Soul Contracts You Want to Release and How to Start Doing It!

Soul Contracts can be wonderful, loving connections between people that help create growth, transformation, and even access to unconditional love. They can also be annoying blocks stopping you from finding love, making money, having lasting relationships and more.

by Danielle MacKinnon

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Surprisingly, Soul Contract (s) are about so much more than the connection between two people

Soul Contract.  Everyone wants to know what the Soul Contract is with their partner, brother, mother, best friend… They think that once they know this, they’ll be able to have a great relationship.

However, Soul Contracts are not about the connection between people, but more about your connection to your self. Soul Contracts, as I talk about them in my Soul Contract book, can seem to prevent you from being able to achieve your dream marriage, have business success, or finally believe in yourself. When a Soul Contract is blocking the way, it can feel both disheartening and confusing.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re still stuck, a Soul Contract may be the culprit.

Here are five common, yet hidden, Soul Contracts. (Read more Soul Contracts book for a more in depth explanation.) 

Perhaps you recognize some of these within yourself? Perhaps it’s time to take some action (I’ll show you how to do that below as well!).

Soul Contract Number 5: Soul Contract of Martyrdom

Do you find that it’s a lot easier to say “yes” than it is to say “no”? Do you put your own needs or desires aside to help other people (or animals) even when it’s not so good for you? Maybe you feel like you’re a better person if you sacrifice yourself to make someone else happy? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated with your life, feeling that others don’t appreciate you and tired.

You may also feel that being called “selfish” is the worst type of insult. And you probably make decisions to ensure that no one can ever apply that label to you. This is how the Martyrdom Soul Contract often manifests… and it’s not pretty. Once you’ve mastered this soul-level agreement, it won’t mean you’ll never help another person. You’ll simply make better decisions about who to help and when.

Soul Contract Number 4: Soul Contract of Loyalty

Do you stand by your friend, partner, parent, boss no matter how they treat you? Have you ever said, “Yes, he’s mean but family is family” or “I have no choice, she’s my boss”? The Loyalty Soul Contract helps you create a situation in which you are walked over by those you love. You may feel helpless or trapped when considering changing or leaving the relationship because you don’t want to abandon the other person.

When a Soul Contract of this nature is finally mastered, you’re able to make changes in your relationships. Even if you’ve struggled with for years to leave your husband or quit your job, the changes finally happen. The “hold” that those people have over you is gone!

Soul Contract LonelinessSoul Contract Number 3: Soul Contract of Loneliness

Have you been looking for your Soul-Mate throughout your life only to have one relationship after another result in failure, dis-ease, sadness and heartbreak? Have you tried blind dates, online dating, or settling for someone who isn’t “it”? While there are many different contracts that could be standing in the way of finding love, the Soul Contract of Loneliness can be one of the most difficult to handle. When your soul is adhering to this type of agreement, even when you’ve found someone wonderful – you still feel alone, separate and unsupported. Master this contract and you’re finally able to “feel” the support and love that is out there.  WITH this contract, it’s like it doesn’t exist (even though it often already does).

Soul Contract Number 2:  Soul Contract of Anxiety

If you’re someone who always feels anxious, nervous or worried, you may have a Soul Contract of Anxiety. Do you wait for the other shoe to drop? When money is coming in, do you count the days until “you know” it will go out again? When one ends, do you quickly replace it with another worry? You may be thinking this is normal human nature, but it isn’t! In many cases, it’s a contract that you took out some time in a past life that your soul still believes is valid.

Why would you ever make such a soul level commitment? Perhaps you felt that your anxiety would heighten your awareness so miss anything hurtful again? (I’ve found with my clients that this is a common reason.)  Filtering life through a blanket of anxiety is not fun for you (obviously) or for the people around you. When you master this, you’ll find that you are more able to be in touch with your intuition, which will alleviate your need for the hyper-vigilance. Get help managing the Soul Contract of Anxiety with the Heart Magnet Tool right Here.

Soul Contract Number 1: Soul Contract: Rocking the Boat

Are you afraid to be seen as marching to your own drummer? Someone who doesn’t break rules or rock the boat? Who doesn’t even want others to know you’re reading this website? This is a very common Soul Contract for protection. By standing in the background and blending in, you run less risk of being ostracized, penalized or pointed out. While this might have seemed like a good idea during some part part of your life, it isn’t anymore. This type of contract makes it difficult to build a business, become an expert, write a book, and more because you must stand out in order to do these things!

When you master this Soul Contract, life opens up. So much of what each person has come here to do is dependent on being able to blaze their own path. When you finally master this soul-level agreement, it’s like “ta-da!”, the lights turn on, your work is highlighted and things move forward.

How to Get Started Releasing & Clearing These Contracts

So, what do you do if you realize that you have aSoul Contract creating havoc in your life?  How can you master it? For step-by-step instructions, check out my Soul Contracts book . But to give you a quick start you can follow these tips!

The Set Up

Begin by working on your personal energy management! You can use any tool or technique to help you feel more calm or more peaceful. For example The Heart Magnet Technique takes only 20-seconds and sets up a great foundation for releasing your Soul Contracts!

Step 1: Understanding

First, you have to realize that you can’t just break a Soul Contract. It doesn’t work that way. You first must do the work to understand how this agreement has both served and hindered you. It’s like… your understanding is loosening the tooth so that it can be pulled.

Step 2: Awareness

Your second step is awareness. Spend time witnessing the Soul Contract and understanding how it’s been rearing its ugly head in your life. For example, if martyrdom is the issue, notice when you’re giving up your own needs for those of another person. You’ll start to see patterns in your behavior, and as they emerge, it will become easier and easier for you recognize those times when you tend to sacrifice for others. This takes some time, so don’t expect to get it perfectly right away.

Step 3: Clarity in Choice

After you’ve mastered the awareness portion, a new piece will emerge: the awareness of the contract will bring about a moment of clarity. If you normally say, “Yes! I’ll take your Grandma to the grocery store on Sunday so you can stay in and watch football” you’ll now find that there is a small pause just before you give your answer. Within that pause you have created an opportunity: “Do I want to follow the same pattern or do I want to make a different decision this time?” Sometimes you will make the same decision and you will see the same results – but the more aware you are, the more you’ll be able to make a healthier choice.

Step 4. Master and Release

Once you feel you’ve really got a handle on this contract, you understand where it shows up and how it’s affecting your life. After you’ve been working on making some different decisions, you can speed up and deepen the release by writing about it (automatic writing can be very effective) or by reading my Soul Contracts book.

There is no right or wrong decision here – only what works. It’s a process – a process of realizing the Soul Contract is there, becoming aware of the pattern and how it shows up in your life, and then taking action steps to finally release it from your life. It’s one of the most empowering things you can do as a human!

More Soul Contracts tools for you

Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts.

30 replies
  1. Karen DeGuilio
    Karen DeGuilio says:

    My husband signed a contract as my Gatekeeper according to some ancients who have never walked on earth. I have no idea why I’d need a gatekeeper. Can anyone enlighten me on what a gatekeeper’s role is regarding another soul.

  2. Jamye
    Jamye says:

    So what if a soul contract is with a person who has passed away, but you feel like he shows up in other ppl? What if you didn’t know, but he did? And what if the message you perceived is he Scarfaced his self so I make it to heaven this time, and he stays out of hell. Is that possible?

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      They did. It’s a bummer that they couldn’t write their own info about Soul Contracts, but at least it’s helping people learn more. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    Hi it’s years since the original post…I strongly identified with the soul contract of martyrdom. I believe there’s a lot more going on that weren’t mentioned I’m sure, as one of the comments said we humans are complex. How do I get in touch for a reading? Thanks, Sincerely Olivia

    • Jillian Schleger
      Jillian Schleger says:

      Hi Olivia
      Release the energy of other people. Ask if this contract is safe to release now. If yes, repeat “I release this down to a cellular level across all time and dimension, 5 generations back and forward. I claim my right to heal and be in balance.”

  4. Gabriel
    Gabriel says:

    I been having this wired vibes that someone is trying to tell me something and I just don’t know what to do with all this pain no one will understand me

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      There are an unlimited number of Soul Contracts out there. It’s basically just what our brains can conceive of – and we are very smart at thinking them up!

  5. Jose Marques
    Jose Marques says:

    Great article, somehow I do find that I have all the 5 soul contracts.

    I am always there for others, even when I can’t I just can’t say no.

    Always stand for friends and family but stand on my own when I need help

    Anxiety is the order of the day, going trough a fase that I don’t know where I stand in a relationship

    At the moment I feel so lost and isolated…
    Every morning I just gather strength to face another day.

    • EmpressSky
      EmpressSky says:

      @Jose Marques— I hope this has changed for you, as many of us are in an awakening process. The key is to awaken, relinquish the contracts and not get tricked into new ones. I am learning that there are entities out there who’s sole purpose is to hunt spiritual energy down and bind them to a particular paradigm or dimension via soul contracts. You would NEVER know you are even being hunted. EVER! There is one path that gave us life as a gift to experience everything in it without losing our souls. All other paths are traps, with the gatekeepers knowing well that you are loved and are free to experience these things without being bound, but they operate in bondage themselves, and must keep others is bondage in order to survive. I truly hope you were able to trace your contracts back to the sources and get rid of them.

    • Lisa
      Lisa says:

      Hi there
      I can relate a little to what you’re saying
      You can see this in different ways
      Eg the universe has given you the strength to do good…. with little in return
      You’re probably getting good karma/brownie points
      Maybe you’re close to your “nirvana” & the lessons/spiritual growth are getting harder accordingly
      Maybe you need to take a break from the relationship to gain perspective or be brave enough to ask what the other person wants from you
      I actually think you’re blessed & enlightened in some ways as not all people are selfless.
      It can be greatly rewarding to help others esp when you’re being altruistic, but don’t fall into “enabling” others to depend on you too much as this may make you resentful
      Good luck & God Bless

  6. Todd MichaeL Wiseman
    Todd MichaeL Wiseman says:

    i think some souls choose earth life my mistake and then they cant find a way out of it and get stuck here, those who are loners with no girl or kids serve no further purpose to exist here really, once their parents ascend to heaven, there is no love anymore, does God show mercy upon those who end their life only wanting to begin again in heaven so as to see their parents and only source of love once more in order to grow and advance beyond the utter hopelessness of being alone all the time ?


    • Lisa
      Lisa says:

      Hi Todd
      I’m sorry you feel that way. It is an illusion to actually feel that way
      Just as many people feel like they’re the only ones going through something

      Get out there & mix with people. Volunteering (& helping others) can be one of the best ways to heal depression & negative feelings especially as one is taking the focus off themselves & doing something good for others at the same time -win-win !
      There are people out there you just need to change your mindset

  7. Jay
    Jay says:

    Dear Ms. MacKinnon,

    I love your work, first off, and I love all of your videos that I have seen. I do want to sign up for one of your live classes, soon, and for now, I have a question relating to a puppy who died under by euthanasia in a shelter. She was 11 months old. Now, my dog sitter had dumped 3 of my dogs on the highway and she was the 1 to be put down to her Pit-mix look. She was found by a police officer and then a person who boarded my 3 dogs until the shelter was called. I discovered 2 weeks later what had happen when my suspicions grew… Now, was her primary soul exit point predetermined? And/or was my puppy’s soul contract up? How do you know, in this case, whether or not the soul contract was met? If it was premature, I understand another pet can take on the contract. Is this right? Any insights would be appreciated? Thanks, Jay

    • Danielle MacKinnon
      Danielle MacKinnon says:

      Ja – I’d suggest that you watch some of my youtube videos. I’m working on one now about euthanasia specifically and how it relates to soul contracts. You could also read my Soul Contracts book or my Animal Lessons book (which is about Animal Soul Contracts). I think any of these things could help you understand it all better. Sending you love and light, Danielle

  8. Rick Carter
    Rick Carter says:

    Dear Ms Mackinnon;

    After reading over the 5 soul contracts, I cannot find any that apply strongly, although I must admit I sometimes put another persons needs ahead of mine…but I am aware of it and always get something out of it making it somewhat selfish. Am I being naive about the 5 er 4 missing soul contracts or is that possible I don’t have those?


    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Rick,
      It is certainly possible that you don’t have any of them – and how wonderful is that! It may be that these were lessons your soul never needed to learn – or it may be that you already cleared them in another lifetime. There are MANY soul contracts out there though to be released so you may want to consider whether you have other illogical patterns that are bogging you down. It’s possible you have other blocks to work on (as we all do – after all, we’re human and that’s what we came here to do – learn to be the best humans we can possibly be!).

  9. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Hi Danielle,
    Thank you in advance for offering the free teleseminar! I have so many questions and of course fears. Is it possible to have a soul contract with someone of spirit? Everytime i do my yoga or meditation there is a man in my face so close i can only see his stern eyebrows (i can even see his pores). It is like he is upset with me and i don’t know who he is or why. I always ask him if he is not here to help me or of higher vibrations to please go away and he usually does but is back often.
    All this is very new to me. I have always tried to improve my caring of others (i felt i needed) and somehow this awareness came, it is not what i was looking for and have been in awe of some of the beautiful things i have seen but also scared and will shut out all everytime i see something unsettling.
    I hope you can answer my question, I have combed through many sites in hesitation. Your personality seemed safe to ask.
    Sincerely, Tracy

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Tracy,
      The free teleseminar will focus on removing blocks to intuitive clarity. Your questions are of a more personal nature – if feels like you may benefit from a private session with me in which we would connect to yourGguides, get answers to your particular questions as well as see what your Guides want for you to know. It’s great to read that you are already identifying some places where independent soul contracts are blocking you up. You’re off to a great start!

  10. Maria
    Maria says:

    Dear Danielle:

    It was brought to my attention by a facebook friend that the use of soul contract is not what you describe it should be more of a soul pattern. Although I love what you do.

    With respect.


    • admin
      admin says:

      It’s really all about whatever works for you. If it feels better to call it a Soul Pattern – go for it! It really is all about what works. <3

    • admin
      admin says:

      Darlene –
      Yes – you can have all of the 5, none of the 5, a mix of them – or one of the others that I didn’t yet mention here. I’ve only highlighted 5 here – but there are many, many more. We humans are complicated!

      • Joseph Joshua
        Joseph Joshua says:

        Hi please how can I see you? Can I be one of you? I love to be one of you, I love to marry one of you, please come and take me to your home let me be with you for ever work you do all you need anything,

  11. Renee
    Renee says:

    I have just nominated you for the versatile blogger award – no pressure to take part; but if you do wish to know what it entails, Congrats either way and have a wonderful weekend ahead! Love, Renée Intuitive Coach

  12. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    Hi Danielle, just wanted to thank you for the other day the reading was great!! I really loved the comfort i got from you about Karli! Can’t say enough about you to people, I am planning on seeing you in March. Thanks, Marisa Slaiby

  13. debbie
    debbie says:

    These are great! I can’t wait to reread these once all my little souls are asleep in bed tonight!! Thanks again Danielle 🙂


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