Live Webinar Soul Level Business® 303 Course

Spread your love of animals!

Learn to teach animal communication! As a Certified Professional Soul Level Animal Communicator® and current member of the Certified Practitioner Program, you may find yourself drawn toward teaching Soul Level Animal Communication® to others. This isn’t a surprise! Many sensitive people that are drawn to animals find the inner desire to teach.

In Course 303, Danielle teaches you her technique for educating others in Soul Level Animal Communication.

Great Teaching Requires More Than Experience

Get the skills you want to stand in front of a group of eager students and feel confident and comfortable answering their questions as a Soul Level Animal Communication® educator. If you want to learn to teach animal communication, you’ve come to the right place.

From having the step-by-step directions for teaching Soul Level Animal Communication® clearly laid out for you to having the Danielle MacKinnon brand marketing materials to draw from, we’ve got you covered!


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This Course is only for you if you desire to bring teaching into your work AND you want to help others grow and evolve. At the Soul Level, these two things are hand-in-hand.

Learn exactly how to teach Danielle’s Beginner Level course, SLAC 101. From understanding the materials as an educator (which requires a deeper, more full understanding of the information) to being prepared for particular questions. There’s no need for guesswork.

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Get with the program

What’s Included:

  • Six interactive 90-minute livestream video webinars with Danielle
  • 1-2 interactive 90-minute livestream video webinars (based on class size) for teaching evaluation
  • Open invitation to attend all Animal Communication Labs
  • Facebook group for the duration of the course

The Results

  • More confidence teaching and readiness for those student questions!
  • Comfort being the leader AND the teacher 
  • Potential paid teaching opportunities with Danielle
  • Paid Teaching Assistant opportunities at DMS 
  • Access to all marketing materials provided by DMS

You CAN Help People Open Their Psychic Abilities with Animals!

When you successfully graduate from this course, you’re ready and prepared to teach Soul Level Animal Communication® to the world. Remember the excitement you felt when you first connected with an animal? Now, you can help someone experience that themselves!

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The course workload will require you to practice teaching various aspects with one another each week. At the end of the course, you’ll be evaluated through a live webinar demonstration. It will be up to you to provide at least three students for your teaching demonstration.

  • Participate in all classes (unless otherwise notified beforehand)
  • All homework must be completed on time
  • Successful pass on final exam

Please note that all deliverables are subject to change depending on the particular students in the class. We reserve the right to adjust the course based on individual needs!

Tuition Options for Soul Level Business® 303

Begins: TBA

10-Day Money-Back Guarantee From the First Day of Class


  • Be a current Certified Practitioner Program member
  • Have a desire to take your client work deeper
  • Feel comfortable and confident leading a group
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve business problems independently and with your peer community
  • Have a desire to build your business through teaching

Tuition options:

To apply for this course, please email us with an indication of your interest. You must meet the prerequisite requirements listed above to apply. We do not run this course regularly. Instead we based it on student interest. Email us as school@daniellemackinnon.com to indicate your interest.  

One Time Payment: $1997   or   Three Payments of $765

Note: The link to purchase the class will be emailed to you once you’re accepted into the program.

Refund policy: If you decide you would like to drop out of the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date, which is 10 days after the first livestream video class. Just notify us via email within that timeframe.