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Soul Level Animal Communication 201®

The Soul Level® is Where the Magic Happens

Soul Level Animal Communication 201®

The Soul Level® is Where the Magic Happens

The Art of Animal Communication

This course is a live, interactive course designed to help you get the most out of every reading.

If you want to learn a proven framework for readings and the exact techniques and adjustments YOU need to make to successfully perform Soul Level® readings – the most intimate, intuitive and in-depth type of animal communication – then this course is for you! Haven’t taken the foundational courses yet? Start here!

There’s a whole lot of nuance needed to deliver insightful and captivating readings to your friends, family, and potentially to clients. My method will show you how to glean more profound and helpful information in addition to the basics of whether the dog likes his brother or the cat wants a different scratch pad!  

In SLAC 201, I work directly with you in a live webinar setting.  We keep the class sizes small, so we can get to know your intuitive skills intimately. 

I’ll also help you overcome hesitations and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your amazing reading. You’ll finish the course better able to claim your ability to communicate spiritually with animals and humans despite the pesky and all-too-common imposter syndrome.


Finally, The Personalized And Enlightening Feedback You’ve Been Looking For!

In Soul Level Animal Communication 201 you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop more confidence while performing readings so your personality can shine through in your sessions
  • Hone in on what an exceptional reading is for you while following a structure designed to cultivate connection at the Soul Level®
  • Position your readings for the greatest possible outcome for all, including incredible ah-ha moments and epiphanies
  • Discover the best way to open the reading and how to manage overly talkative clients!
  • Master my tactics for developing boundaries when working with people and their animals, so you remain in control of the reading
  • Form life-long friendships with people who really “get” your love of animals
  • Find personal growth as you discover the little “spots” you’ve been avoiding in your readings
  • Practice in a fun environment with supportive people and experts rooting for YOU to give a wonderful reading
  • Feel incredibly confident because you can trust yourself (and the animal) to guide the reading exactly where it is supposed to go while allowing the animal to remain in charge

Whether you’re taking this advanced animal communication course for pleasure or you’re planning to go the Certified Practitioner Program route, you’ll benefit from delving deeply into the true art of Soul Level Animal Communication and all the magic that comes with it!

Soul Level Animal Communication 201 offers a rare and incredible opportunity: One-on-One Feedback Calls

It’s all in the Feedback! During these calls, I, or one of my professional Soul Level Animal Communicator Teaching Assistants from the Certified Practitioner Program, lovingly listen in as you give a prearranged Soul Level Animal Communication reading.

After the reading, you get to receive private, heart-centered, personalized feedback on what you can do to make your reading the very best it can be.

Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of these calls; however, if you’re planning to get qualified as one of my Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners, the two Feedback Calls are required.

Soul Level Animal Communication 201 is the only course where you’ll receive this level of individualized time and attention from certified, experienced animal communicators with hundreds of readings under their collective belt. Animals are innately psychic and they’re always looking to communicate with their humans. They connect through visuals, feelings, thoughts, sounds, and more!

Here’s what you get

When You Join This Advanced Animal
Communication Course

  • Seven (7) x 90-minute live webinars with me, Danielle, and your Teaching Assistants (TAs), and a small student group – SPOTS ARE LIMITED!
  • At least two (2) live practice and play webinars led by your TAs
  • Access to a private group forum where you benefit from expert and colleague information, guidance, sharing, support and more
  • Coursework specifically designed to build your confidence, including my proprietary method for delivering the best Soul Level Animal Communication reading
  • Downloadable PDF of FLOW – my step-by-step outline of how to perform every aspect of a 20-minute reading, so you’re never left wondering, ‘What do I do now?’
  • A private, in-depth, Feedback Call including personalized feedback from me or one of your Teaching Assistants
  • A second private, in-depth Feedback Call with personalized feedback from me or one of your Teaching Assistants
  • At least two (2) dedicated Teaching Assistants to support you and help you grow
  • Paired homework and plenty of play!
  • The opportunity to meet, bond, and grow with an intimate group of fun, like-minded people working toward the same goal as you!
  • Group mentoring with me as your guide
  • Additional Teaching Assistant led check-in calls as determined by the class needs
  • Open access to all Animal Communication Labs that take place during the course and the opportunity to perform a reading during one of the sessions!

*You must have taken Soul Level Animal Communication 101 and 102 to enroll in this course.

**Feedback Calls are a prerequisite fulfillment for my Certified Practitioner Program if you choose that direction.

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Tuition Options



One-time payment
Or four (4) Payments of $741

This Course Includes

  • Seven (7) x 90-minute live webinars with Danielle
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Intimate Group Setting
  • TA Support


This course is by application only. Join the list here to be the first to know when this course opens for enrollment!

*You must have taken Soul Level Animal Communication 101 and 102 to enroll in this course.

Terms & Refund Policy:
We want you to be happy with your experience with your Danielle MacKinnon School. We offer a 100% money back guarantee within ten (10) days of the first live webinar for this course, unless otherwise noted. Simply email us at within the applicable time frame to let us know!

You may be wondering...


For all your curious questions before joining.

Soul Level Animal Communication is for anyone interested in learning intuitive communication with the animals in their life. Everyone is here to learn and play!

The next course begins May 15th, 2024. Please be sure to fill out the form above if you are interested in being notified when enrollment opens.

SLAC 201 2024 Course Dates

  • Lesson 1 – Wednesday 5/15 – 2:00pm Eastern  
  • Lesson 2 – Wednesday 5/29 – 2:00pm Eastern 
  • Lesson 3 – Wednesday 6/12 – 2:00pm Eastern
  • TA Pre-FB #1 Lab – Tuesday 6/18 – 2:00pm Eastern
  • FB Calls #1 – Monday-Friday 6/24-6/28
  • Lesson 4 – Wednesday 7/10 – 2pm Eastern 
  • Lesson 5 – Wednesday 7/24 – 2pm Eastern 
  • Lesson 6 – Wednesday 8/7 – 2pm Eastern
  • TA Pre-FB #2 Lab – Wednesday 8/14 – 2:00pm Eastern 
  • FB Calls #2 – Monday-Friday 8/19 – 8/23
  • Completion Calls – Monday/Tuesday 8/26-8/27
  • Wrap Up – Wednesday 8/28 2pm Eastern 

The prerequisites for this course are Soul Level Animal Communication 101 and Soul Level Animal Communication 102.  Once you’ve completed those two courses, you’re eligible to join this course.  Check the Course Catalogue to get started.

To become one of Danielle’s Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners (CPPs), the requirements are: 

Soul Level Animal Communication 101, 102, 201 (this course), Soul Level Business 202, then the Certified Practitioner Membership

This course will require you to have a good internet or wifi connection as well as a desktop with webcam or a smartphone or tablet.

If this happens, we will share with you our personalized recommendations for what you can do to have a future Feedback Call, outside of the course. We will never just leave you hanging! And yes, this happens, and it’s OK.

Each live webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes. Sometimes things go over a little bit though. Every webinar is recorded.

You CAN choose to just watch, but one of the best aspects of this class is speaking and interacting with Danielle and your Teaching Assistants. This is how they get to know you and your intuitive talents. How much you participate in the live webinars is completely up to you though.

Every live webinar in this course is recorded and available within 24 hours of the live class. It’s always more fun if you can attend the live portions, but not everyone can.  And that’s OK. You’ll still want to practice with homework partners though!

Absolutely! You can take this course simply to learn to communicate with animals psychically OR you can take the course on your way to Certification from Danielle. After you pass your Feedback Call, you would take Soul Level Business 202 and then join the Certified Practitioner Membership to become one of Danielle’s Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners.

If you’re studying animal communication and/or intuition, Be Open will support those studies. The great part is if you’re in the Danielle MacKinnon School, Be Open really compliments the classes, provides more opportunities for homework partners and allows you access to more people for questions and support. 

YES!! With ALL live components, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You can also ask questions about the class in the group forum AND you can also receive answers from my Teaching Assistants too!

Yes, for every lesson in this course, we have closed captions!

Yes! If you decide that you don’t want to take the course anymore, just email us at within ten (10) days of the first live webinar to let us know. You will then qualify for a 100% refund. After that time, there are no refunds.