Soul Level Animal Communication 102®

Build your animal communication skills now!

Soul Level Animal Communication 102®

Soul Level Animal Communication® Course

OK, you discovered you can communicate with animals through the 101 course and you’re ready to go deeper and feel more sure of your intuitive information.

My trademarked approach will help boost your confidence when communicating with animals by working with animals and their humans during the reading!

Continue your education with my by delving deeper into your animal intuition. You’ll learn advanced techniques for connection, how to handle many different pet psychic scenarios, how animals work symbolically with you and more.

If you want more meaningful connections with your furry friends, you’re in the right place.


Animals have so much more to share than we realize.

In Soul Level Animal Communication 102 you’ll:

  • develop a relationship with your helper animal
  • include the pet’s human in readings to increase trust and gain more insight
  • connect with animals and their humans in challenging situations
  • develop greater belief in yourself and your ability to communicate with others
  • observe and practice in-the-moment readings
  • build confidence that you’re able to do the intuitive work you want to do
  • access and nurture the Soul Contract® animals are teaching their humans
  • learn my process for deep, personal growth

Through interactive exercises based on my Soul Level Method®, you’ll nurture your developing intuitive abilities and master the confidence to trust what you hear, see and feel in your animal connections.

Get to know the
Soul Level Human/Animal Connection

Sure, animal communication can solve animal behavioral problems (jealousy, anger, food preferences), but if you want to know the life-changing wisdom they have to impart, then you need to connect on the Soul Level®

If you want to experience the deepest, most healing readings possible (for human and animal) join me to explore and begin mastering the Human/Animal Soul Level Connection.

Use my course to expand your animal
communication skills and get:

  • Six (6) pre-recorded animal course online video lessons delivered in weekly installments, straight to your inbox
  • Instant Access! Start right away with access to Lesson 1!
  • My most updated connection method, created to ensure your success
  • My fun, low-pressure, judgement-free space so you can experiment with your intuition in the way that works for you
  • Easily accessible via on smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Please be sure you’ve taken my Soul Level Animal Communication 101® course before signing up for this one.
  • Thinking about turning your passion into a business? This course is also the prerequisite for the next class in the certification path, Soul Level Animal Communication 201®
  • My classes and technique have stood the test of time since 2009! Check out my highly reviewed and rated classes.
  • Spend as little or as much time playing and practicing as you desire! It’s all up to you!
  • BONUS: Experience real-time intuitive readings through our monthly Live Animal Communication Labs where Danielle leads students of all levels through practice and play in their readings

Here’s How the Course Breaks Down

Each lesson takes you deeper into my Soul Level Animal Communication technique. I have specifically designed the lessons to build upon one another to assist you in developing a strong confidence and trust in the intuitive information you receive from the animal you’re connecting to.

Lesson 1

Helper Animal

Find the animal on the Other Side dedicated to helping you do the best readings possible and begin working with them when you’re “stuck” in a session. Animals teach us through every aspect of their being: Life, Death and the Animal Afterlife. Our pets that have crossed over often continue their Soul Level work with us from the Other Side.

Lesson 2


In this lesson, you’ll learn how to include the animal’s human in the reading so you can experience greater connection and access deeper information in each session. When the animal can see that their human trusts you and wants to be a part of the reading, the animal will do everything they can to help you!

Lesson 3

Problem Solving

You may not know that you can solve an animal’s behavioral and emotional problems through animal communication, but you can! Discover how to use my Soul Level Animal Communication techniques to start helping people with their troublesome pets right away.

Lesson 4

Animal Truths

Learn what to do when the subject of your reading says, “that doesn’t make sense,” or “that’s not right!” In the Truths lesson, you’ll master my method for handling the many points of view that arise during a Soul Level Animal Communication reading and discover how not to let animal truths stop you in your tracks!

Lesson 5


Here, I teach you my method to see the world through the animal’s eyes. My method often helps an animals human understand what’s really going on in a way that a traditional reading cannot. This lesson is a meaningful way to get back into the basics and rejuvenate your love of connection with animals. The animal truly IS the leader in the GoPro method!

Lesson 6

Your Intuitive Language

Every person connecting intuitively with animals has their own language. As you get more confident and improve your animal intuition skills, your intuitive vocabulary develops. Here, you’ll become aware of your unique language and how to use it to your advantage in your work with the animal and human.

Hi, I’m Danielle!

When I first started practicing animal communication, I spent most of my readings doubting myself. Sometimes I even prayed my client wouldn’t show up! Every session, I felt like a fraud and like I was just making things up, even though my clients were very happy. I just didn’t trust myself.

I’ve since found that most people feel this way in the beginning. In this online animal communication course, we start tackling that lack of belief through various lessons designed to break through to the other side – into positivity! What I’ve come to learn over the last 20 years, is that feelings of uncertainty, although expected, fade into the background, only to be overtaken with feelings of joy.

That’s why I created Soul Level Animal Communication 102! In this course, you get the opportunity to build upon the skills you learned in 101, and practice so you can trust in your ability to do readings confidently.

Want to learn more about me? Hop over here!

Available via desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Nothing can hold you back now!

Payment Options


One-time payment
Or two payments of $247

This Course Includes

Six (6) pre-recorded online video lessons delivered in weekly installments, straight to your inbox

Instant access! Start right away with Lesson 1

Live monthly Live Animal Communication Labs where Danielle leads students of all levels through practice and play in their readings

Prerequisite fulfillment for our suite of animal communication courses after 101 and before 201

Easily accessible via smart phone, tablet, and computer

Thinking about turning your animal communication passion into a business? 102 is the prerequisite for the next class in the certification path, 201



One-time payment
Save $130 with this option!

This Course Includes

Everything you get with the Beginner Soul Level Animal Communication® course plus:

Six (6) MORE pre-recorded online video lessons delivered in weekly installments, straight to your inbox

Move right from 101 to 102 without delay

Continued access to monthly Animal Communication labs (and perhaps an opportunity to read in one!)

Easily accessible via smart phone, tablet, or computer

Thinking about turning your animal communication passion into a business? 102 is the prerequisite for the next class in the certification path, 201

Limited Offer: purchase this package and get 30-days FREE in the Be Open animal communication practice community! $130 total value (*New members only)

Soul Level Animal Communication 101

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We want you to be happy with your experience with your Danielle MacKinnon School. We offer a 100% money back guarantee within five (5) days of purchase of the single Soul Level Animal Communication 102® INSTANT ACCESS course. If you purchased the 101/102 IA package, the add/drop date for full refund is within five (5) days of your initial purchase. Simply email us at within the applicable time frame to let us know!

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I’ve helped thousands of students build confidence and tap into their innate ability to communicate with animals

Here’s what past students say!

You may be wondering...


For all your curious questions before joining.

Soul Level Animal Communication® is for anyone interested in learning intuitive communication with the animals in their life. Any skillset and experience (or lack thereof) is welcome! Everyone is here to learn and play!

If you’re just starting out and are exploring next steps on your intuitive path, Soul Level Animal Communication 102® is for you. Students of all levels have found success using Soul Level Animal Communication®. You don’t have to have the “gift” to be successful here.

Many 102 students join the Be Open community in conjunction with this course so they can benefit from the support, guidance, and assistant there – as well as the many potential homework partners.

At the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools you need to trust your animal intuition. The more practicing you do with your homework however, the more confident you will be.

Yes! This is an Instant Access course with videos that you can watch at your leisure. There is no live component, so you can just sit back and watch!

This Instant Access Course has six modules, delivered to your inbox one per week. You can choose to watch each module as it arrives or watch them at a different time. This means, the course is at least 5 weeks long depending on your video-watching pace.

Each module is 75 to 90 minutes. You can watch the modules on any up-to-date desktop computer or tablet or smartphone.

Absolutely! You can take this course simply to learn to communicate with animals psychically OR you can take the course on your way to Certification from Danielle. After this 101 course, you would take 102, 201, and 202 and then join the Certified Practitioner Membership to become one of Danielle’s Certified Soul Level Animal Communication® Practitioners.

If you’re studying animal communication and/or intuition, Be Open will support those studies. The great part is if you’re in the Danielle MacKinnon School, Be Open really compliments the classes, provides more opportunities for homework partners and allows you access to more people for questions and support.

Danielle is not available to answer questions with this Instant Access course. Many Soul Level Animal Communication 102® Instant Access students join the Be Open Community so they can connect with others who have also taken or are currently taking the course. This is also how Instant Access students often find homework partners.

Yes, for every lesson in this course, we have closed captions!

Yes! If you decide that you don’t want to take the course anymore, just email us at within five (5) days of your purchase to let us know. You will then qualify for a 100% refund. After that time, there are no refunds.