#1 Tip to Open Your Psychic Senses

Psychic Senses and those animals!!

Oh yes! Saturday night, I had the honor of doing an animal communication demonstration to the Omega campus during my workshop. And while, you’re here reading this because you know what animal communication is, there were a lot of people at the talk that didn’t know!

It was totally new to them to learn that animals are aware of more than food, water, and survival or that animals speak with one another intuitively all the time. It was definitely new to learn that animals have mastered unconditional love and are helping human consciousness evolve!

To me, it made my heart sing, being able to expose so many people to the real depth of what animals are offering us every day – this incredible, deep assistance at being the best, most kind, most peaceful, helpful, and happy souls we can be!

It’s funny. Often people approach me because they want to learn how to be psychic like I am. (I’m an animal psychic but I’m also a people psychic.) What they don’t realize is that, I really only know how to be psychic with people because of my education in animal communication. The animals taught me!

So, when people ask for my help in opening their intuitive senses – what do I say? I say – “Learn Animal Communication!” (That way, you’ve got, not just me as the teacher helping you, but you’ve got ALL OF THE ANIMALS you connect with helping you open too!) The animals will act as your little power pill (like in Ms. Pacman… remember?)

Love and Light,

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  1. Margaret Espinosa
    Margaret Espinosa says:

    Sorry, I missed it but I know you were great. I have been working with 3 dogs, 1 cat in particular, there are more but one is so insecure … family left her inside divided the children and never returned. My dog sees her as weak, I see her as strong and needing lots of mental love


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