Danielle MacKinnon
Animal Communicator

I believe in your ability to tap into your intuition and learn animal communication. Learn how to trust that feeling!

Danielle MacKinnon

I believe in your ability to tap into your animal intuition, and I’m here to help you believe in it too.

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Professional Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon

What kind of Pet Communicator are you?

New to pet communication? No problem, everyone starts somewhere. Take this easy (and fun!) quiz to find out the best way to get started for YOU!

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I’m Danielle MacKinnon.

I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Animal Intuitive and Pet Communication Teacher.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught thousands how to communicate with animals psychically, develop a relationship with their Guides, and trust their intuition at the deepest level (what I have named the Soul Level®) to create lasting, positive changes in their life and I can help you do this too!

Get Started Here and Learn How to Become an Animal Communicator

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Join an Animal Communication Class

Interested in learning how to communicate with your pet, deceased or alive, at the Soul Level? Curious to develop your intuition?

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, there’s a class for you. Learn more about Danielle Mackinnon’s courses here.

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Join an Animal Communication Certification Course

Are you looking to turn your passion for communicating with animals or working intuitively with people into a business?

Learn how to get your Soul Level® certification here!

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Are You an Animal Intuitive? Join the Be Open Community

Be Open is the world’s best resource for anyone who wants to develop and expand their intuition, practice animal communication, or be amongst a supportive community of budding-intuitives, DMS students, and animal lovers. No experience required!

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Pets Whisper, Let's All Listen!

Imagine understanding every wag and whisker twitch. Sign up for my newsletter to unlock unique insights into your pet’s mind, special events, incredible stories of love beyond the veil, plus get my FREE 5 Top Tips to Communicate Better With Your Pet!

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Ready to become a real animal communicator?

To finally tap into that feeling and start your journey into the world of the intuitive?

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