Beginner Animal Communication Online Class

Beginner Animal Communication Online Class

A Jam-packed Three-Hour Class for Beginners

I’ve been teaching animal communication for over a decade now and have finally created this downloadable class where I can teach you my own methods for how to communicate with your pets and other animals. If you’d like to understand what your pet is trying to tell you, in this class I not only reveal the techniques that I personally use when I give animal communication readings but I also get you using those techniques DURING the class! I’ve taught these same methods to thousands of people who were astonished and excited to finally be able to talk to their dogs, cats and horses after learning how I do it! I believe that EVERYONE has the ability to do this – and my class will show you how. And don’t forget – the big difference between my animal communication class and that of others: Animal Soul Contracts! In this class I’ll help you learn to communicate with animals telepathically using the deepest connection possible, Animal Soul Contracts as your foundation.  I’ll also show you how to:

  • Work with animals in your home – or all the way across the globe!
  • Feel in your body what the animal’s body feels like
  • Strengthen your relationship with your own intuitive senses
  • Understand the big picture as to each animal’s Soul Contract
  • Get answers for yourself about the health, life, and love of your own beloved pet
  • Connect with animals who have passed over

By the time you’ve finished this class you’ll have the power to communicate with any animal in your life. In fact, you’ll already have telepathically communicated with four animals!

This is  downloadable Mp3 class so you are not restricted to time zone, location, or availability- so once you’ve purchased it, you’ll be able to download to your computer or other device and get going! And since it’s on your own computer, you can take a break whenever you want!

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