Soul Contract Session

Soul Contract Session

Did you know that one little hidden soul agreement can cause unforseen and misunderstood ripples throughout your life? Did you know that understanding which agreements are negatively affecting you is the first step to being able to make long-lasting positive changes in your life? Are you ready to take that first step?

Soul Contracts are Danielle’s favorite tools for helping a person move forward, break free of blocks, entanglements, negative thought patterns and more. In a Soul Contract Reading, Danielle assists you in understanding the Soul Contracts currently making your life challenging. She also helps you see what it is you came into this lifetime to learn – and how specific Soul Contracts, no matter how difficult, are assisting you in mastering that lesson. The most exciting part of a Soul Contract Session is not learning what the Soul Contracts are – but discovering what you need to do to fulfill and master them. In giving you this information, Danielle empowers you take control of your life.

Danielle’s Soul Contract Readings begin in much the same way her Intuitive Guidance Sessions begin by taking the time to create a solid intuitive connection. She’ll then spend the next five to ten minutes sharing the intuitive information she receives about your current situation, your decisions, your thoughts and your personality. Once this part of the session is complete, you’ll be given the opportunity to ask about your Soul Contracts. The number of sessions to move through a challenge varies for every person.

55-minute Soul Contract Session: $395
55-minute Emergency Soul Contract Session: $495
4 or 6 session package: $410/session (must pay for all sessions at once.)

Be sure to visit the Session Preparation page to learn about recording sessions, Skype and more.