Intuitive Mentoring Program

Intuitive Mentoring Program

Danielle created the Intuitive Mentoring Program when she saw that many of her clients wanted to make significant life-altering changes and weren’t sure how to go about doing it. Perhaps you want to start a new business? Maybe you are looking to improve your relationships with your family or become an Animal Communicator? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about leaving a relationship but haven’t been able to yet do it? With Intuitive Mentoring you work at your own pace but with a lot of nudging from Danielle and your Guides. Danielle’s intention is to help you reach whatever goal the two of you have set in place over the course of the 18 week program.

This program is a big commitment. Those who have participated successfully have made significant changes to their life, but it took time, effort and drive. In addition to the bi-weekly sessions, most students are given about one hour of “homework” per week as part of their program. If this is not something that you can commit to, this probably isn’t the program for you.

What You Get
Danielle tailors your Mentoring sessions according to your goal, your Guides, you personality type and more. Additionally, although an outline is agreed upon between you and Danielle prior to beginning, flexibility is built in to allow for changes to occur. Flexibility is important when working with energy after all!

• 9 regularly scheduled phone sessions over a period of ~18 weeks geared toward your personalized goal
• Discounted participation in selected classes and/or teleclasses  (as applicable)
• Private email access to Danielle through the duration of the program
• At least one session with the mentee’s own animals (if applicable)
• The potential to become one of Danielle’s recommended practitioners (if applicable)
• And more as determined by your particular program

The Application Process
Before being accepted into the program, you are required to have one regular coaching session with Danielle which includes Danielle determining your readiness for the program and during which you’ll need to determine whether you and she are a match.

You will also be expected to write a Goal Statement that lays out what you would like to achieve through the program. The Goal Statement should be no more than two paragraphs.

Danielle accepts mentoring students on an on-going basis based on the student’s readiness for the program and based on Danielle’s travel schedule.

Mentees meet with Danielle via phone every other week for 18 weeks (9 sessions) with sessions that are up to 55-minutes long. (We strongly encourage all mentees to use a free conferencing site for recording their calls.) Mentoring sessions are booked to take place on the same day/time for each session and Mentoring students are expected to stick to their mentoring schedule with the exception of emergencies.

The cost of the program is $320/session for a total of $2880 which can be paid on a pay-as-you-go schedule. If you choose to pay all at once, the total cost is $2780 for a savings of $100. Please feel free to contact us about other payment options.


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