New Offering: Soul Contract Sessions

I’m so excited to announce a new service-one that has organically grown out of my work with thousands of people and animals. Soul Contract Readings have already helped many people gain an understanding of the world they are living in – and now, I’m able to release these to everyone else! Book your Soul Contract Session now!

Soul Contract Reading
Soul contracts are the agreements your soul made before you took your first breath. They determine the lessons you’ll learn, and how you will learn them. You formed this agreement with every person or animal you have ever known…or ever will know. Understand your soul contracts, and you’ll see with clear eyes the reason behind everything in your life: why you married a man who drives you up the wall, why you and your daughter talk but never share feelings, why the dog you loved so much was hit by a car.

In a 55-minute Soul Contract session, Danielle explains the Soul Contract you made with that person or animal in your life. She illuminates why the two of you have come together, and she clarifies the lessons you agreed to teach each other. Then, she guides you to see what you need to do to fulfill that soul contract. And in so doing she empowers you to build an enriched life…a life of fulfillment and joy. Appointments are 55 minutes long via phone

Book your Soul Contract Session now!

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  1. Janet Thomas
    Janet Thomas says:

    WOW I heard you today on the Dr Pat show! I love Dr Pat and her show and today fell in love with you! Would love to arrange a soul contract reading with you and for my horse Crossfire. He meant sooooooo much to me and when I was in the hospital for a double mastectomy my ex husband and daughter found another ideal home for him. I think I know the answer, felt it on your break when took callers. And then heard same message with callers who got through. Because of this change my daughter could move from the horse that took care of her from four years old till fourteen when her Dad bought her her first arabian show horse. She is experiencing tremendous success.

    I have a lot of psychic experiences, mostly premonitions, very accurate and detailed, not enough to prevent, but enough to know. Have fought it so. And yet am soooooo compelled to explore this!!!!!!!

    I would be so interested in joining your teaching calls. Appreciate how affordable they are and would also love a soul contract reading.

    Would also love to hear from my cat Layla! And Tigress and Punkin!

    Thank you, Janet Thomas


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