Advanced SOUL-LEVEL Animal Communication Program

Take Your Animal Connections to the Next Level!

  • Are you ready to develop your animal communication skills even further?
  • Do you want to REALLY trust and act on the information you receive from animals?
  • Are you looking to take on MORE with the animals you’re connecting to?

Calling all animal communication students!

In direct response for all those who have been asking me to create an advanced course that will take you further and deeper into the world of animal communication, I’ve FINALLY created that opportunity!

[box title=”” color=”#247b95″][img_testimonial img=”×230-230×230.jpg” author=” “]Danielle is one of the country’s “Best Psychic Mediums,” highly gifted Intuitive, coach, and leading animal communicator. She has appeared on national TV and on numerous radio stations all over the world.  As one of the country’s most popular teachers on soul connections, animal communication and re-connecting to your best self, she brings all her experience and knowledge to this powerful 12-week Mastery Program.[/img_testimonial][/box]

In this 12-Week Advanced Soul-Level Animal Communication Program, I’ll be showing you how to take your skills to the next level so you can communicate with animals with more confidence and with more tools in hand to handle more complicated situations. This program is very much designed for the serious students in my community, who truly value what it means to work at the Soul-Level with animals and with humans.

Through this ADVANCED 12-week program, you’ll learn how to:

  • 17170455_sWork with multiple animals at once
  • Incorporate Helper Animals into your communications with challenging animals (shy, fearful, etc.)
  • Gain more trust (and the accompanying accuracy) in the intuitive information you receive
  • Determine soul-level truth from Animal Smoke Blowing
  • Work on in-the-moment communications (oh that anxiety!)
  • Get deeper into Animal Soul Contracts so you can assist the animal AND the human
  • Learn how to work with behavioral problems in animals
  • “Negotiate” with an animal
  • Incorporate the animal’s human into the connection (and oh that’s a doozy!)
  • More effectively connect with your OWN pets (after all, that’s the fun part, right?)
  • And more!


This advanced program is as much about YOU personally as it is about the animals you want to connect with. People who take their animal communication skills to this level not only experience a higher level of work and connection with the animals they’re working with, they also experience a positive (and often surprising!) shift deep within themselves.

15736001_sImagine …

Walking away from this live webinar program with the feeling that you’re ready to take on almost any animal situation!
Developing your intuitive abilities beyond your expectation as a result of the deepening bonds with the animals you work with.
Expanding and solidifying what you already know about working with animals!
Feeling secure in applying what the animals are teaching you through your connections with them to the other areas of your life.

Prepare to transform!

If you’re interested in being able to connect on the fly, to feel and trust in what you’re receiving, and work more deeply and more securely with animals you know and don’t know, then this is a cool, safe, and totally exciting way to achieve that! You’ll even have the benefit of the group forum where I’ll be available to answer questions and help you through your trouble spots. Plus, you’ll have the support and experiences from the others in the class to rely on as well!

Be sure to register now, as this class will 100% sell out and Danielle will not be teaching it again until May 2016.

Register Now

The next class will run in May 2016.
If you’d like to be put on the waiting list, please email us here

Classes: 6 Classes over 12 weeks (~two per month) at 2pm ET usually on Wednesdays (exceptions for holidays if necessary). 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11, 11/23, 12/9, 12/16. Can’t make a class? Each live video class will be recorded and posted to the private page within about 24 hours!

Please note, this class is the prerequisite to my Soul-Level Animal Communication Certification Program, which I’ll be teaching one time per year and will be limited in size, so I can give my full attention to each participant. Certified SLAC practitioners will be featured on my website in addition to other benefits. Also, please note that I reserve the right to change the content of the class according to the individual needs of the particular class (and this is a good thing!).

Prerequisites: To take part, you MUST have taken Danielle’s: 16 or 12-Week Soul-Level Animal Communication Program. It’s also possible that you may qualify if you’ve taken one of Danielle’s weekend workshops in Soul-Level Animal Communication. Please contact us to discuss if you fall in this category. If you haven’t taken one of these courses, but believe you qualify, please contact us directly at Beginning Animal Communication students should check out Danielle’s 12-week Soul-Level Animal Communication Program.

Add/Drop Date & Refund Policy:
If, after the first class, you decide you do not want to continue with the class, we’re happy to refund you by the Add/Drop date of 9/29/15. Refunds and/or drops will not be given after the Add/Drop date. After that date is may be possible to switch into a future class, if you find you cannot take part in the current class. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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  1. Anita Unrau
    Anita Unrau says:

    Hi Danielle, I would love to take the next level of Animal Communication with you. My goal is to have a Animal Communication and Energy healing business and to be certified by you would be the highlight of my new career. I am willing to do whatever it takes to do your Advanced Animal Communiction course. What I have learnt so far from you has made me realize this is what I am meant to do. Look forward to hearing from you.


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