Self Doubt and Me

Recently, I experienced a several day period of self-doubt that was felt a bit like it wanted to overtake my life. When I’m down, I tend to go way down. I avoid energy management, eating well, exercising – and sleep is not easy to come by. I think my husband would also say, I’m not […]

My Failed 2015 Goals

I just had a little revelation that I wanted to share with you. It’s all about my failed 2015 goals. I was scrolling through the notes app on my phone and I came across a note called, “Long Term Goals” dated 1/9/15. I’d forgotten I’d written my 2015 goals there and I was excited to […]

Danielle’s Free Meditation Tool – Calm to Creation

Hi All! [To see part 1 of this post click here.] A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had begun a forty day meditation journey using a meditation that I had recorded for my family (and for me). Many of you wrote in asking if I could make the meditation available to you all […]

Danielle’s PERSONAL Thanksgiving Meditation Tool

[Since this post, I have decided to give this meditation away free – just click here to get it right now! ] Here, in the US, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This holiday is known as “an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal.” Instead of worrying about the food, […]

Energy Management IS Your Sexy Best Friend

This happens to me a lot. Someone will ask, “how can I open up my psychic senses?” or “how can I talk with animals like you do?” and the answer, you may be surprised, is something I say all the time. Energy Management. Yup. Not a sexy answer. Nor is it a fun answer. No […]

The #1 Thing You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Better Communicate with Your Pet

As an animal intuitive, I often work with people who are concerned about their pet’s health or who are anxious to find out why their pet is displaying a particular behavior. I love working with animals and their humans in this way, because it’s a type of problem solving that produces an almost immediate solution. […]

Wild Dolphin Swim and My Phobia

I’ve just returned from Bimini where I led a group of people on a week long Wild Dolphin Swim and boy am I having a hard time returning to normal life! I’ve been home for four days now and I feel like my heart is still with the dolphins, still in the Bahamas with the […]

Cecil the lion is dead. What does it mean for the human race?

I’m angry right now. I’ve been willing myself not to be so angry, but that has been hard. Part of me is ashamed that I’ve allowed myself to align with the negativity surrounding this incident – but another part of me understands that this is something that had to happen, if we’re ever going to […]

Do Bad Animals Really Exist?

What do you think when you read this headline from an article on Mashable? “Five hungry sharks eat whale carcass in terrifying footage. It’s a shark feeding frenzy. This is the stuff of nightmares.” Don’t you immediately start feeling threatened by sharks, worried that their nasty nature is to hunt you down and eat you […]

My Dog is Training Me

I thought it was about time that I gave you an update on my journey with my little 70-pound dog Tuukka. (If you haven’t yet read about my challenges, definitely read my “Why Can’t I Train My Dog?” blog first! It will make all of this make more sense!) As many of you know, Tuukka […]