Facebook Soul Contracts Day

soulcontractsdayThursday, February 7th, 2013
9am – 4pm Eastern Time

Danielle will be on hand on her Facebook page to answer all of your Soul Contract questions. This is your opportunity to get clarity around these energetic agreements that can create massive blocks in your life.

Throughout the day, Danielle will be on and off her Facebook page giving YOU answers to your questions on Soul Contracts. Please limit your questions to general rather than personal questions as Danielle will not be doing Soul Contract readings. Rather she will be educating you on those thing you feel confused about with Soul Contracts.

Please RSVP to the event on the Facebook page so that you can receive a reminder to come and ask your questions!

Danielle will not answer questions posted prior to Thursday, February 7th – so please wait until start time. Click here to ask your questions!

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