Beginning Animal Communication & Soul Contracts Class

Beginner Animal Communication ClassSaturday December 3rd, 2011  Candia, NH
An Intimate Class – Limited to just 20 people!

Danielle teaches you her own methods for how to communicate with your pets and other animals. If you’d like to understand what your pet is trying to tell you, Danielle will not only reveal the techniques that she personally uses when giving animal communication readings but she’ll get you using those techniques yourself – that day! Everyone has the innate ability to do this – and this class will help you tap into that. She’ll also incorporate her work on Animal Soul Contracts into your experience so that you can have the deepest connection possible. This fun, live class will show you how to:

-Work with animals in your home – or all the way across the globe!
-Feel in your body what the animal’s body feels like
-Strengthen your relationship with your own intuitive senses
-Understand the big picture as to each animal’s Soul Contract
-Get answers for yourself about the health, life, and love of your own beloved pet
-Connect with animals who have passed over

This is an all-day class in which you’ll practice communicating with many animals. The morning will consist of lecture and three practice animals – and the second half of the class will be connections with student’s animals. Please bring a photo of an animal that you would like for the class to connect with. Note: Although several student’s animals will be chosen, Danielle cannot guarantee that your pet will be chosen. Click here to sign up or call (603) 483-0132 or email 9am-4pm $95

Danielle MacKinnon has been named an expert TV psychic medium, intuitive, animal communicator, and foremost expert on soul contracts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, tv and taught along side some of the world’s most renowned psychics, mediums, healers and TV experts.

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